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Subject:        Re: Small problems with figure previews
Date:   Sun, 18 Sep 2016 18:03:29 +0200
From:   Pietro Cortese <corte...@gmail.com>
To:     parubi...@gmail.com, skost...@lyx.org


for some reason I'm not receiving e-mails from you and I didn't see the
screehsot. I had left the scaling to 150% in the example. However even
with 100% the result is not very easy to read.
The result seems to be independent on the fact that I put
"convert $$i $$o" or "convert -density 300 -units pixelsperinc $$i $$o"
in the eps to png conversion. I have the impression that convert is not
called. I renamed /usr/bin/convert to /usr/bin/convert-no and the
picture is loaded anyway.


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