On 2016-09-11 13:42:41 +0000, Kornel Benko said:

Am Sonntag, 11. September 2016 um 12:24:26, schrieb Guenter Milde <mi...@users.sf.net>
On 2016-09-10, Kornel Benko wrote:
Am Freitag, 9. September 2016 um 22:29:23, schrieb Guenter Milde <mi...@users.sf.net>
On 2016-09-09, Scott Kostyshak wrote:

as of today, I cannot compile master, "make" fails with
GuiView.cpp:(.text+0x1fa85): undefined reference to `QSvgRenderer::~QSvgRenderer()'


Adding ${QT_QTSVG_LIBRARY} to target_link_libraries for lyx works here.

Dear Kornel,

this did the trick also here. Could you commit the patch, please?


Done at 050d817. Someone has to check if the change works on windows and MAC too.



For some reason, I can't compile master at all on macOS.
Mine fails  with

make[3]: *** No rule to make target `libs/signals/src/connection.cpp', needed by `libs/signals/src/connection.o'. Stop.

I'm using macports, and I've successfully compiled the 2.2 branch just prior to its release.

If I can get past this step, I can confirm or deny a build for the mac platform.


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