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On 2016-09-20, Kornel Benko wrote:
> Am 19. September 2016 um 06:36:49, schrieb Guenter Milde <>
>> On 2016-09-16, Kornel Benko wrote:


>> > This is my alias for export:
>> >    ctest -j12 -timeout 300 -L export -E "xhtml|lyx16|lyx21|lyx22"


>> ... the alias might easily be changed to:

>>    ctest -j12 -timeout 300 -L export -LE "texissues|attic"
>>          -E "xhtml|lyx16|lyx21|lyx22"

> And why remove attic? Do we not want to support lyx-file written with
> old lyx? If yes, then we should test IMHO.

The alias only excludes attic-files that are also excluded in the current
alias, because they have the label "suspended:attic" and no label

#> ctest -N -L attic
 Test project /usr/local/src/lyxtest
  Test #638: SUSPENDED.ATTIC_export/doc/attic/eu_UserGuide_pdf2
  Test #642: SUSPENDED.ATTIC_export/doc/attic/eu_UserGuide_pdf5_texF
  Test #643: SUSPENDED.ATTIC_export/doc/attic/eu_UserGuide_pdf5_systemF
  Test #652: SUSPENDED.ATTIC_export/doc/attic/id_UserGuide_dvi3_systemF
  Test #657: SUSPENDED.ATTIC_export/doc/attic/id_UserGuide_pdf4_systemF
  Test #659: SUSPENDED.ATTIC_export/doc/attic/id_UserGuide_pdf5_systemF
  Test #675: SUSPENDED.ATTIC_export/doc/attic/it_Customization_pdf5_systemF
  Test #684: SUSPENDED.ATTIC_export/doc/attic/it_UserGuide_dvi3_systemF
  Test #689: SUSPENDED.ATTIC_export/doc/attic/it_UserGuide_pdf4_systemF
  Test #720: SUSPENDED.ATTIC_export/doc/attic/sk_UserGuide_pdf4_texF

>> >>   +1 filters not only 58 but 80 "wontfix" inverted tests

> "wontfix" definitely belongs to suspendedTests or ignoredTests.

To be more accurate, these 80 tests include, "wontfix", "later" and
"upstream" issues.

* Moving patterns from invertedTests to ignoredTests is an option
  for real "wontfix" cases -> let's discuss this separately.

* "suspendedTests" was introduced to get a first priorisation of the
  >100 test failures after reporting missing characters as error via
  "orthogonal" regular expressions.

  Labeling all "later" and "upstream" issues as "suspended" would require
  duplicate entries in invertedTests and suspendedTests. (And also
  require to remove these entries from 2 places once the export works
  This is why I think the "suspendedTests" file is obsoleted by the
  sublabel mechanism.

>> >>   +4 makes the test system less complicated.

> It was not me alone who built the test system. Still, I don’t think it
> is complicated.

For me, it is still far too complicated. It took half a year to
understand things like

  Edit "invertedTests" to fix a "suspended" test that fails
  because the export of the test document works, ...

or the table in Development.lyx " Export test filtering".
(See the alternative table in the note below for the
simplification that could be achieved.)

Thanks for you patience,


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