On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 09:19:39AM +0100, Jean-Pierre Chrétien wrote:
> Hello,
> I pushed a very minor change in the branch file without asking,
> sorry.

I don't think this is a problem. Uwe has updated Development.lyx to
specify the rules for documentation. The rules state "Feel free to
commit directly to branch as long as you follow rule X". Rule X is that
if you are not the maintainer of a document, you must use change
tracking. Since you edited only the French version, as long as you did
not add new material (in which case it should be ported to the other
languages), then the way I interpret it is that you are updating your
translation of the manual. For such a change, I don't think you need
permission and I think you can commit directly to branch. Uwe, can you
confirm I have the correct logic?

I'm not sure whether you should have used change tracking here or not.
Since you are just working on the translation, my interpretation is that
you should not need it.

Uwe, can we update rule 1 to specify under which cases we do not need to
use change tracking or should we really use it for all changes?


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