Le 06/09/2016 à 05:48, Vermeer Martin a écrit :
Pavel thanks!

Attached the changes you proposed (though still to HEAD).

Yes, the Inkscape bug is known upstream. Fixing seems to be a bit tricky as it is due to 
a change in the Cairo library, aimed at enabling the output of "layers", 
transparent or not, covering or covered by text strings. But of course Inkscape should 
know itself how many PDF pages it is outputting...

Someone please push if this passes muster

Hi Martin,

I have rebased your patches against master and it works.

One thing I have noticed is that the preview provided by the external inset does not update when one changes the surrounding text. For instance the preview can fail because of a missing package and it will not update after correcting the preamble, or it will not reflect the surrounding font. In practice it works much better to wrap the ExternalInset in a preview inset, which takes the surroundings into account for updating the preview.

Also, is it possible to enable the resizing options from the dialog?

Do you want me to commit the patches?


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