On 2016-09-21, Guillaume Munch wrote:
> Le 19/09/2016 à 11:58, Enrico Forestieri a écrit :

>> When inserting a command or symbol in mathed, it is now automatically
>> wrapped in a real inset (either \text or \ensuremath) assuring the correct
>> mode, instead of being wrapped only in the output. The wrapping inset can
>> be safely dissolved, as it will be automatically inserted at export time
>> if needed, as usual.

> For people who did not follow the relevant thread: it seems that there 
> is no clear agreement on whether this is better than the old behaviour. 
> People are encouraged to test and give their feedback.

It still fails for \textdegree:

  - \textdegree in math-mode input as-is
  - \textdegree in "mathematical text" wrapped in \ensuremath{}
Both, textsymbols and mathsymbols are colored in "math" color.

Unit symbols wrong when using a fraction in \text: 

\begin_inset Formula $50\,\text{\frac{m}{s}}$

exported as


(upright in the GUI but italic in the output).

It works fine with \mathrm:

Fraction units with mathrm: 
\begin_inset Formula $50\,\mathrm{\frac{m}{s}}$

(upright in the GUI and in the output).


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