With LyX 2.2.1 I experience a strange behavior when trying to reuse old
preamble-code in newly created documents.

Steps to reproduce.
Open a new document and then an old one,
open document settings for the old doc, mark a string in the
LaTeX-preamble, copy the string into the clipboard buffer.
Now switch to the new document, open settings and try to paste the
contents of the clipboard.

Nothing will happen.
(I made extra sure that the preamble-window-box is active and accepting

The buffer contains the copied string and it is possible to paste it in
external applications and also into the regular lyx-text-editor.

(And after pasting it into the text-editor of lyx it will also show up
when pasted again in the preamble, so this is also a workaround?
It will not be pasted into the preamble if it is only pasted in an
external application.)

This is on Mac, OS X 10.10


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