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Am 11.10.2016 um 08:55 schrieb racoon:

Thanks! I have installed it. And everything seems to work as expected
for now.

Many thanks.

I am not sure how to test the installer thoroughly.

This is personal test routine:
1. does the installation over an existing LyX 2.2.x work?
2. does a new installation of 2.2.x work?
Sorry, cannot test at the moment.
3. does the spell checker and thesaurus work?
Never used it before. I tried to set it up according to User Guide 6.15 but it did not work.
4. do I see PDF, EPS and SVG image inside LyX?
Yes, yes, and yes.
5. can I compile the UserGuide as PDF?
6. does instant preview of formulas work in the Math manual?
7. does export to HTML work?
8. does export to an Office format work (OpenOffice or MS Word)?
Never tried that before but seems to work, and also for both eLyXer and tex4ht. I exported the User Guide. The export isn't perfect. For example the title reads "The \SpecialChar LyX User’s Guide". But maybe that's normal.

regards Daniel

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