On 11/10/2016 01:12, Pavel Sanda wrote:
- There are still some unfinished dormant pieces which never make it to the 
   and waiting in pipe. Correct me if I am wrong but even the parts which 
finally make
   it to the trunk were mainly finished by mentors and not students, who 
   after GSOC finished.

... and, at least for 1 project, the mentor disappeared shortly after as well 
:-P... sorry about that, need to check the status of that interactive lyx 
thing.... recovered the chat for now, Sushant had left a repo/branch somewhere, 
1 thing at a time :-)...

- There seemed to be agreement that we should not again accept students which do
   not show reasonable activity on ML before project starts.

I see, interesting but sad conclusions, seems we were involved in 2008, 11, 
12?, 13, 14 [1]...



Results of search for /list=LyX GSOC/:

Devel <http://wiki.lyx.org/Devel/Devel> /

Collaboration <http://wiki.lyx.org/Devel/Collaboration>
GSoC2008 <http://wiki.lyx.org/Devel/GSoC2008>
GSoC2008-lyxtab <http://wiki.lyx.org/Devel/GSoC2008-lyxtab>
GSoC2011 <http://wiki.lyx.org/Devel/GSoC2011>
GSoC2013 <http://wiki.lyx.org/Devel/GSoC2013>
GSoC2014 <http://wiki.lyx.org/Devel/GSoC2014>
LyXGit <http://wiki.lyx.org/Devel/LyXGit>
RecentChanges <http://wiki.lyx.org/Devel/RecentChanges>
SummerOfCode2011Ideas <http://wiki.lyx.org/Devel/SummerOfCode2011Ideas>
SummerOfCode2012Ideas <http://wiki.lyx.org/Devel/SummerOfCode2012Ideas>
SummerOfCode2013Ideas <http://wiki.lyx.org/Devel/SummerOfCode2013Ideas>

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