Am 13.10.2016 um 19:22 schrieb edu Gpl:

thank you for lyx 2.2.1
please lyx 2.2.1 support modules> multiple columns only if i used 2
columns, but this modules not work (with arabic) when i used over than 2
like 3,4,.. by "number of columns".
it's work good with english, but with arabic only 2 columns.

Hello Edu,

you found 3 bugs in LyX:
- the number of columns must not be changed by LyX, it is just a plain number - the inset for the number is displayed over text. This is a no go that we need to fix
- text is protruding overt he columns inset

I will report these bugs tomorrow and see if I can fix them.

best regards Uwe

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