On 2016-10-14, Scott Kostyshak wrote:

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> On Fri, Oct 14, 2016 at 03:36:11PM +0000, Guenter Milde wrote:

>> For the end-user the difference is:

>> * with "no", there is a safeguard against relying on additional packages
>>   without real need -> less dependencies when compiling the docs.

> Wouldn't this be a LyX bug if we rely on an unneededed depencency? To be
> clear, I believe Jean-Pierre and I were on the same page of porposing
> that the options be changed to "Load automatically". We are not
> proposing "Load always".

Not a LyX bug. With "safeguard", I only mean the feadback by the compilation
error if the editor/maintainer uses a feature requiring an additional package.
If we decide now to allow this, we should set the options to "auto".
I agree that this is a (small) benefit for the documentation people with a
negligible impact on the average user.
I.e. I am in favour of setting the math-package settings to "auto".


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