On 15.10.2016 17:19, Jürgen Spitzmüller wrote:
Am Samstag, den 15.10.2016, 17:14 +0200 schrieb racoon:
Thanks a lot. That is quite helpful I think. Actually, looking at
code again it is really this part that might lead to trouble.

0a6ff99f2 src/CutAndPaste.cpp (Richard Heck           2014-03-29
18:52:36 -0400  892)                   &&

So the relevant commit is aaf4cf6f9. How do I go about to see
this references some ticket?

E.g. via trac:

It refers to #3225.

Thanks! I actually wrote the wrong changeset. My posts take ages to arrive at the list for some reason. So I can just replace the changeset in the link. I have contacted Richard in the mean while since I falsely thought he actually added the code. Much easier to see what's happening on trac than in the bash. At least for me. Anyway he seems to be looking into it.


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