On 16.10.16 00:43, Christopher Menzel wrote:
>>>> On 15 Oct 2016, at 4:31 PM, Christopher Menzel
>>>> <chris.men...@gmail.com <mailto:chris.men...@gmail.com>>
>>>> wrote:
>>>>> Howdy LyX developers,
>>>>> There appears to be a bug in 2.2.2 for Mac
>>>>> (LyX-2.2.2+qt5-x86_64-cocoa). The triangles in the top-level
>>>>> dropdown menus that lead to submenus all appear to be
>>>>> missing. See attached screenshot.
> Sorry, I should have been clearer about that. The submenus are
> rendered inaccessible. Also, Open Recent is greyed out. But other
> stuff, like my user defined key bindings still work.
> -chris

I can confirm this bug for the 64-bit version on Mac OS X 10.10.5.
All sub-menus are inaccessible there.
The 32-bit version with Qt-4 seems unaffected though.


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