On 15.10.2016 18:11, Richard Heck wrote:
Public release of LyX version 2.2.2

We are proud to announce the release of LyX 2.2.2. This is the second
maintenance release in the 2.2.x series.

You can download LyX 2.2.2 from http://www.lyx.org/Download/.


We hope you enjoy using LyX 2.2.2.

The LyX team.

Thanks a lot from me as well! I might be filing quite some bug reports but it really is just a measure of how useful I find LyX rather than not.

One thing about the announcement on the website:


There is a link to the *binaries* which takes one to


And there are for example four different versions of the Windows installer. People not involved in the development or otherwise unfamiliar with LyX might get confused. Maybe it is better to link insetad to



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