Am Sonntag, 16. Oktober 2016 um 16:13:20, schrieb Jürgen Spitzmüller 
> Am Sonntag, den 16.10.2016, 15:02 +0200 schrieb Kornel Benko:
> > It took ages to compile gcc6.2.0 ...
> > The test with this compiler (+cmake  and again without  '-std=c++14')
> > does compile and link everything.
> > Could you give cmake a chance?
> I tried again with a clean build and now succeeded. The problem
> probably was that make distclean is broken (as Richard already
> reported), and I did not notice that on my first attempt.
> Sorry for the hassle.
> Jürgen
> >

OK. Have you enabled std:regex? If yes, you could try to find
bold 'foo' from the home position, while setting 'don't ignore format' in adv 
search settings?

Expected: the first 'foo', but with std:regex the second 'foo' is selected.


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