Am Sonntag, den 16.10.2016, 16:41 +0200 schrieb Sven Schreiber:
> OK, you asked for it...
> The attached Latex file uses the "siunitx" package (which I've never 
> used before) to achieve flexibility with respect to the 
> within-cell-alignment of the decimal-aligned multicolumns.
> (If the attachment doesn't make it through this channel please tell
> me.)
> In the attached version you find the line "table-number-alignment = 
> center," -- you can substitute "left" or "right" there, and it
> yields 
> the intended effect for me, namely the whole block of what's in the 
> three multicolumn rows wanders to the left or to the right, while 
> staying aligned at the decimal dot.

Thank you. I am aware of this package, but it has some disadvantages
for our purpose:

1. The whole siunitx machinery has to be started, which results in
unwanted formatting of numbers.

2. For proper results, one has to tell siunitx the maximum number of
numbers before and after the decimal separator, and it is hard to
calculate that from within LyX (this is also the reason why we use our
own approach instead of the dcolumn package). 

BTW, the "{c}" part after the three "\multicolumn{2}" thingies is 
> mysterious to me, changing that to "{l}" or "{r}" didn't seem to
> have 
> any effect.

It does not have any effect here, since sinuitx overrides it.


> HTH,
> Sven

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