On 2016-10-17, Guillaume Munch wrote:
> Le 17/10/2016 à 04:12, Pavel Sanda a écrit :
>> Guillaume Munch wrote:
>>> Dear list,

>>> The attached patches add safe line breaks ("%\n") to the output, to
>>> crucially increase the precision of forward/reverse-search and error
>>> reporting of captions. This is especially useful as these captions
>>> introduce a discontinuity in the TexRow. The change is trivial but since
>>> this modifies the LaTeX output I prefer to ask for any objection.

>> How ugly (in terms of chunked text) the LaTeX code becomes now for
>> people who actually use LaTeX source after the export?

> Hi Pavel,

> captions in listings appear as:

>    \begin{lstlisting}%
>    [caption={Caption}]
>    \end{lstlisting}

> instead of:

>    \begin{lstlisting}[caption={Caption}]
>    \end{lstlisting}

> and sub-captions show up as:

>    \begin{figure}
>    \subfloat[Sub-caption]%
>    {Sub-figure}

>    \caption{Caption}
>    \end{figure}

> instead of:

>    \begin{figure}
>    \subfloat[Sub-caption]{Sub-figure}

>    \caption{Caption}
>    \end{figure}

> What do you think?

IMO, this is an improvement also regarding the readibility of the source.

+1 from me


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