On 18.10.2016 09:37, Jean-Marc Lasgouttes wrote:
Le 17/10/2016 à 01:28, racoon a écrit :
Though I have a non-high resolution display. Maybe it does not look as
good on a high-res display. If so, maybe there should be an adjustment
for high-res displays?

I had a go earlier to replace TEXT_TO_INSET_OFFSET with a function that
computes the length according to current zoom and screen resolution. I
abandonned the patch (attached) for now because it created problems for
vertical spacing. You are welcome to borrow parts of it (the margins are
already in).

Thanks JMarc. Do I understand you correctly that you tested high res displays and they actually create a problem with those tiny 1px spaces?

You would be welcome to have a look at it. Another option would be to
have a length in em, that is relative to the current font. That would
make the inset spacing comparable to normal spacing in the enclosing
space. This is the best solution IMO, but I am not sure that the font
information is available when we need it.

Since I can't test on a high res display: would a zoom of, say, 100 % result in the same height in pixels of a given font on high res and low res displays?


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