On 18/10/2016 17:14, Kornel Benko wrote:
Maybe mixed compilation units (compiled with different settings)?
I see 2 possibilities
        1.) try on _really_ clean build tree.

had clean, distclean, autogen.sh several times :-(...

However, seems the crash on start went away after

  --disable-std-regex --without-included-boost --disable-stdlib-debug

(configure was hinting to disable-stdlib-debug).

And, with the above settings, I have (back) a working regex inset in Advanced Find 
& Replace :-)!

So, the problem with Advanced F&R might be: how do we package on Mac OS-X ?

Side issue: ideally, we'd like that regex inset to work with all regex libs 
also on Linux, no?
(except for complex/advanced regexs...)


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