On 18.10.2016 21:35, racoon wrote:
I think the attached fix leads to more intuitive results for added table

This solves one strange case:
1. create a new table (with the default borders, in particular the last
row has the borders |c|)
2. add a column after the last most right) column

Actual result:
- The last two rows have the borders |c||c

Expected result:
- They have the borders |c|c|

I also removed a redundant line:

To set a right border, i.e. setRightLine(i, true), can be removed
because it is set only if there is already a right border, i.e.

Actually, due to my changes one of the

if (rightLine(i) && rightLine(j))

collapses to

if (rightLine(j))

The case that is different with my patch now is this:

Adding a column after c| (where there is no line before the column will lead to cc|

Before it was c| will lead to c|c

So adding the line will "push" the border out. But I don't see that necessarily as a bug. Could be a feature. :)


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