Le 18/10/2016 à 21:44, Guillaume Munch a écrit :

Profiling shows that calls to BufferParams::isExportableFormat
are numerous and expensive when doing char-forward (33% of the total
amount of CPU). This is called from GuiView::updateToolbars ->
GuiView::getStatus. There is room for improvement, but this is not new
behaviour apparently.

I also found that calls to TabWorkArea::updateTabTexts are
expensive and repeatedb. This amounts to 31% of the total amount of CPU,
shared between QTabWidget::setTabText and QTabWidget::setTabIcon.
TabWorkArea::updateTabTexts is connected to the signal

After improvements by Richard and Jean-Marc, GuiView::getStatus is down
to 10% (mostly lyx::to_utf8) and there is no trace of tabs updating.

New bottlenecks are Buffer::updateMacros (25%, of course depends on
the document) and nothing else looks really out of place. You can celebrate.

Daniel, is it still slow for you?

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