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Profiling shows that calls to BufferParams::isExportableFormat
are numerous and expensive when doing char-forward (33% of the total
amount of CPU). This is called from GuiView::updateToolbars ->
GuiView::getStatus. There is room for improvement, but this is not new
behaviour apparently.

I also found that calls to TabWorkArea::updateTabTexts are
expensive and repeatedb. This amounts to 31% of the total amount of CPU,
shared between QTabWidget::setTabText and QTabWidget::setTabIcon.
TabWorkArea::updateTabTexts is connected to the signal

After improvements by Richard and Jean-Marc, GuiView::getStatus is down
to 10% (mostly lyx::to_utf8) and there is no trace of tabs updating.

New bottlenecks are Buffer::updateMacros (25%, of course depends on
the document) and nothing else looks really out of place. You can

Daniel, is it still slow for you?

Sorry for the late reply. I still have a hard time finding out when
someone sends a message to the group without also answering to my email

Yes, it is still slow. But it still seems to be in some kind of debug
mode: there is a console in the background, Visual Studio says

Build started: Project: lyx_version, Configuration: Debug Win32
Build started: Project: frontend_qt, Configuration: Debug Win32
Install configuration: "Debug"

I tried to uncheck/check the flags that have been suggested but it did
not change those messages.

Update on slowness.

After installing Qt5.6.2 and using the latest master LyX seems now fine even though I still get the 'Install configuration: "Debug"' and the like from Visual Studio.


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