On 2016-11-30, Scott Kostyshak wrote:

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> On Mon, Jan 18, 2016 at 10:25:50AM +0100, Günter Milde wrote:
>> commit 26a3f4638827e36fa7698422514d284ad5fee6fc
>> Author: Günter Milde <mi...@lyx.org>
>> Date:   Tue Jan 12 22:18:08 2016 +0100

>>     Use \inputencoding auto for examples/aas_sample.lyx

>>     Also sort and commen related ctest pattern.

>> +# Wasysym - LuaTeX incompatibility
>> +# Missing character reported for $_\sun$
>> +# (the sun-character is printed in \normalsize (i.e. not scaled)
>> +# with any export format -- only LuaTeX reports a missing character).
>> +export/examples/aas_sample_(dvi3|pdf5)_(texF|systemF)

> Do you still see this problem? If I export this document with LuaTeX and
> TeX fonts, I don't get a missing character. On current master, I get
> that the following tests fail:

> INVERTED.UNRELIABLE.VARYING_VERSIONS.TEXISSUES_export/examples/aas_sample_dvi3_systemF
> INVERTED.UNRELIABLE.VARYING_VERSIONS.TEXISSUES_export/examples/aas_sample_pdf5_systemF

The same here.

I fixed both, patterns and example (scaling of the \sun symbol).

If we assume that an up-to date TeXLive is a common requirement, we can
also remove the patterns in unreliableTest:

  # document class aastex.cls replaced by aastex6.cls (v.1 2016/02/16)
  # in CTAN and TeXLive in march 2016
  # Template and sample use the new version via aastex6.layout (cf. #10027)
  # -> fail if aastex6.cls is missing (TeXLive15 original)

Do as you prefer, I don't have a preference.


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