On 2017-01-12, Scott Kostyshak wrote:
> On Thu, Jan 12, 2017 at 04:08:18PM +0100, Günter Milde wrote:
>> commit 8e65250110cc0003b370c71e27c5713b8051ac0e
>>     * Under Linux, notepad comes with the Windows emulator "wine"
>>     but it is not a good choice for the default text editor.

> If I remember correctly from long ago, notepad is not even a good choice
> for Windows. It had problems simply with figuring out where linebreaks
> were. I remember wordpad being a better choice.

I would leave the organization of Windows default applications to the
Windows-using developers.

A more general question to all developers:

When checking for default viewer/editor applications during (re)configure,
should LyX
a) prefer feature rich applications, or
b) prefer small and fast-starting applications.

Current praxis seems to be:
  1. KDE/QT applications
  2. GNOME/GTK applications
  3. Windows
and in these categories a) feature rich apps first.

I prefer "small first", but not so much that I would change
anything without a broad consensus.


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