A 2nd SIGSEGV, involving similar actions, but the crash happens earlier, so
I guess it's a different bug:
1. clear your ~/.lyx-trunk/cache/*
2. start LyX, new doc
3. type "info-insert icon whatevernonsense"

=> LyX SIGNAL CAUGHT dialog with std::bad_alloc.


On 20/04/2017 09:03, Tommaso Cucinotta wrote:

I'm seeing a SIGSEGV in the bug-export-latex-in.txt autotest [1].
Albeit the test doesn't fail, I'm clearly seeing on screen that LyX is showing
the SIGSEGV dialog. Trying a manual repro, it doesn't seem to happen, but
running it in the autotests it does happen all the times.

Anyone might have a clue on what's wrong ?




TestBegin -dbg files test.lyx > lyx-log.txt 2>&1
KK: \Axinfo-insert icon math-mode\[Return]
KK: \Axbuffer-export luatex\[Return]
KK: \[Tab]\[Return]
Lang C
Assert ! pcregrep -M "support/FileName.cpp .* creating path '/.*/lib/images'" 
Assert ! pcregrep -M 'support/FileName.cpp .* Checksumming 
"/.*/lib/images/.*math-mode.pdf" .*lasted ' lyx-log.txt

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