>>>>> "Lars" == Lars Gullik Bjønnes <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

Lars> [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Lars Gullik Bjønnes) writes: | time ./src/lyx -x
Lars> lyx-quit ../../local/lyxdoc/UserGuide.lyx | About to handle -x
Lars> 'lyx-quit' | | real 0m8.495s | user 0m5.880s | sys 0m0.030s | |
Lars> On a PIII 700Mhz (with primed cache)

Lars> With braindead use of push_heap:

Lars> time ./src/lyx -x lyx-quit ../../local/lyxdoc/UserGuide.lyx
Lars> About to handle -x 'lyx-quit'
Lars> real 0m8.515s user 0m6.010s sys 0m0.050s

I tried the "benchmark" a bit here, and the times in successive rune
fluctuate enough that I do not see how you can interpret them...


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