On Thursday, 25 May 2017 01.31.05 WEST Andrew Parsloe wrote:
> (Deep breath.) I think ext_copy.py is only half of a pair of scripts.
> The other half is a "dummy exporter", something like
> ## dummy_export.py
> ## a minimal script used to 'export' the
> ## current document and excite the LyX
> ## copier mechanism into action
> import sys
> fin = open(sys.argv[1], 'r')  # $$i
> fout = open(sys.argv[2], 'w') # $$o
> fout.write('\n')
> fin.close()
> fout.close()

This code could simply be:

import shutils, sys

shutil.copy2(sys.argv[1], sys.argv[2])

> To give an example of use: if I want to copy the preview logs back from
> the temp directory to the document directory or a subdirectory /LOGS of
> it, I define a file format LOG (preview) with extension tmp. The copier is
> python -tt $$s/scripts/ext_copy.py -e log -t LOGS $$i $$o
> and under converters, from LyX to LOG (preview), enter
> python -tt $$s/scripts/dummy_export.py $$i $$o
> "Exporting" the current document to LOG (preview) format creates a file
> <filename>.tmp in the temp directory (containing a single linefeed
> character); ext_copy.py then springs into action and copies the preview
> logs back to the /LOGS subdirectory of the document directory. Since I
> use the LaTeX runs of the preview mechanism to perform various
> non-standard tasks, the logs are often of great interest.
> Using these two scripts together like this provides a fairly simple
> mechanism for a user to rescue or preserve files from the temp
> directory. Perhaps LyX developers might include something like
> dummy_export.py, the "other half" of ext_copy.py, with LyX so that this
> mechanism is available "out of the box"?

Probably this should be added to trac as to not to be forgotten.

> Andrew

José Abílio

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