On Tue, Aug 08, 2017 at 05:08:05PM +0200, Jean-Pierre Chrétien wrote:
> Hello,
> A new version of the lettre class has been loaded on CTAN (ref. number 3.000
> instead of 2.353).
> The major improvement from the point of view of LyX is the addition of class
> options a4paper, letterpaper, legalpaper, executivepaper,
> b5paper, et a5paper (a4paper was hardcoded before, leading to incorrect
> pages sizes when US letter formats were used). Now one can select US letter
> in the Document>Settings>Page format to get the correct result.
> The mechanism allowing to print the address and other informations of the
> institute has changed: now the file containing the information is named
>    lettre-<institut>.cfg
> instead of
>    <institut>.ins
> The backward compatibility is guaranteed (old file ames are recognized), and
> this feature being not supported in the LyX template, I think that nothing
> has to be done from the POV of backward compatibiliy in LyX. I will just
> point this out in the note at the beginning of the template. Is that OK?

Thanks for looking into this, Jean-Pierre. Note that after a tlmgr
upgrade I see the following test failures:

        6221 - export/templates/lettre_dvi3_systemF (Failed)
        6226 - export/templates/lettre_pdf4_systemF (Failed)
        6228 - export/templates/lettre_pdf5_systemF (Failed)


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