I just had some time to finally try out the new shell-escape feature and UI, so 
I thought to drop a few comments:

- the UI visible red icon is fantastic :-)! guess we can re-use it when the 
user authorized needauth converters for the currently open doc;
- the shell-escape would resemble needauth (and perhaps share some -- or even 
all -- of the security prefs) if:
  - the document contained a settings requiring the use of shell-escape for its 
correct formatting/conversion;
  - we had a preference option that forbids shell-escape altogether
  - [optional] we had a preference option that allows it always

This way:
-)  a document requiring a 'needauth' converter would be equivalent 
(security-wise) to one requiring shell-escape;
-) if a doc ever contained both ERT insets with \write18{...}, and scripts 
requiring a 'needauth' converter, the user would be prompted once about the 
-) LyX would share the same memory in its session, namely that a given .lyx 
file is trusted to run external programs
-) the defaults on a system would be to have these features disabled by default;
-) even when enabling these unsafe features, the user would normally be 
prompted for each new doc;
-) [optional] the unsafe user might turn off the security prompts altogether 
(albeit being warned about the risks of doing so and being prompted to confirm 
his/her awareness)

My2c, thanks,


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