On 8 August 2017 at 18:28, Tommaso Cucinotta <tomm...@lyx.org> wrote:

> I just noticed these broken links
>   http://wiki.lyx.org/LyX/Manuals#download
>   http://ftp.lyx.de/Documentation/en/Customization.lyx
>   http://ftp.lyx.de/Documentation/en/Customization.pdf
> guess they're all broken.

I can't do an anonymous login to ftp://ftp.lyx.de.
I can   do an anonymous login to http://ftp.lyx.de.
I am _not_ able to see the subfolder /Documentation/, so it's gone, moved
or permissions changed.

IIRC, Uwe is related to this. CC:ing him.  (to his @lyx.org-account, which
could be wrong)

With our release frequency, it shouldn't be a problem to manually [*]
update PDFs and upload the official manuals.

Scott, are the manuals and their updating perhaps related to your notes on
release procedure?

As the problem seems to be the access, perhaps what's needed is a CI job
that monitors that the FTP is working?

There's also a seemingly outdated (from y 2009) merged manual available at:
>   http://wiki.lyx.org/LyX/Documentation#toc2
>   https://wiki.lyx.org/uploads//LyX/Manuals/1.4.2/merged_manua
> ls/merged_manuals-1.4.2.pdf
> However, besides fixing the links, considering the powerful conversion
> capabilities of LyX, I'd propose to keep at least some manuals accessible
> as HTML pages on the web, rather than, or in addition to, .lyx/.pdf
> downloads.

I agree HTML pages online would be nice.
Not sure if our manuals can (in a nice way) just be exported as HTML though.


[*] It might make sense to have a CI job that builds PDFs etc from the
manuals as a separate test.

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