Do we have a description somewhere, perhaps in the source, as to what and
how the different converters are triggered?

How are files found for which converters are to be triggered?
1) File referenced by graphics insets
2) All files in certain locations
3) ?

How is the type of the file determined?
a) Only through the extension of the file
b) Through extension of file and if that's inconclusive by ...?
c) Using equivalent of 'file' command?
d) Directly looking at magic numbers in the beginning of the file
e) ?

Once a file has been converted, what decides if additional converters are
to be applied?

Do we have multiple converters defined for a single file type?
Could a user define multiple converters for a single file type?
If multiple converters could be applied, would only the "first" converter
be applied?
Or are perhaps converters applied until a conversion succeeds?


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