On 11/08/2017 16:51, Pavel Sanda wrote:
I can prepare web corner for it on www.lyx.org if you decide to do it.

There's an autotest exporting manuals in a few formats that used to be 
troublesome (xhtml and lyx16x) in the past, in


I gave a try to manual compilation of manuals :-), and here's the experience:
-) minors along the way: I was missing texlive-lang-german, french, latin, and 
-) Intro, UserGuide, Tutorial, Development, Math, Customization, Additional, 
LFUNs compile fine (pdf and html);
-) major: I'm able to pdf-compile EmbeddedObjects, but HTML compilation has 
-) major: MergedManuals compilation complains about not being able to find 
SpecialParagraphShape.tex or smth like that; that comes from Additional.lyx, 
but Additional standalone compiles without problems, and the .tex file is 
there, so why does it fail when embedded within MergedManuals ?

I dropped the result here:



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