On 08/12/2017 09:52 AM, Tommaso Cucinotta wrote:
> I gave a try to manual compilation of manuals :-), and here's the
> experience:
> -) minors along the way: I was missing texlive-lang-german, french,
> latin, and texlive-humanities;
> -) Intro, UserGuide, Tutorial, Development, Math, Customization,
> Additional, LFUNs compile fine (pdf and html);

I'd guess that there is probably some weirdness in the HTML version of
the math manual, if one looks through it carefully. But it's good to
know it at least works. The others I'd expect are fine, though with some

> -) major: I'm able to pdf-compile EmbeddedObjects, but HTML
> compilation has problems;

This is not surprising. As I said in another message, Embedded Objects
uses some advanced features that aren't well supported by LyXHTML. I've
done some work in this, but there's a lot more to be done still.


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