On Tue, 6 Mar 2001, John Levon wrote:
> Why do we have this ? It seems a bit ad hoc. Is it just for
> the convenience of the doc writers or something ?

Put on your asbestos suit! John Weiss is going to hunt you down and smack
you with his small fish :-) (Find a message from him and look at his

We had a big row about this a couple of years ago when we discussed the
proper format for the "arrow" to be used in the documentation for things
like File->Open. I don't remember exactly how we settled on that
particular rotated triangle, but it was deemed Holy and Pure, and thus
became policy. While it is certainly crucial for the LyX documentors (who
number approximately 0.1 right now), any software documentation should
take advantage of it.

Whatever you do to it, it should be representable in both the LyX window
and the printed documentation in an obvious, common way (no ERT, etc.)
and should be obvious as something which ties menu panels together. This
particular triangle is used in a number of desktops to indicate that there
is another menu lurking underneath an item. I would argue that it should
stay in the special character menu, but if you can come up with a better
name, feel free.


Mike Ressler
OK, I'm lame: I don't have my own website ...

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