>>>>> "Andre" == Andre Poenitz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>> And if we're still in that interim
>> #ifdef CXX_HAS_NAMESPACES namespace citation #endif

Andre> Ok... if people use compilers without namespace support we'll
Andre> certainly get into trouble if we rely on them...

Andre> Question is: What compilers do people use and what features do
Andre> these compilers support?

Basically gcc 2.8.x and egcs 1.0.x do not support namespaces. Dekel
and I used to compile with them, but we have upgraded now. So the
problem is just to know whether we want to support those compilers for
other people. If we decide to do so, I can compile with gcc 2.8.1 from
time to time to check that it still works.

Andre> In the Linux world, I'd say 2.95 and later is usable on
Andre> machines that are able to run LyX, but I don't know much about
Andre> the darker corners of the world ;-}

I don't know either. We could maybe poll lyx-users.


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