On 02/02/2018 12:23 PM, Jean-Pierre Chrétien wrote:
> Le 02/02/2018 à 02:59, Richard Heck a écrit :
>> On 02/01/2018 01:59 PM, Scott Kostyshak wrote:
>>> On Tue, Jan 30, 2018 at 02:37:28AM +0000, Scott Kostyshak wrote:
>>>>> <cite>
>>>>> +checking list of textclasses...
>>>>> Layout file /usr/local/share/lyx-2.3.0rc2/layouts/svglobal3.layout
>>>>> has no
>>>>> \DeclareXXClass line.
>>>>> Layout file /usr/local/share/lyx-2.3.0rc2/layouts/ectaart.layout
>>>>> has no
>>>>> \DeclareXXClass line.
>>>>> [...]
>>>>> Layout file /usr/local/share/lyx-2.3.0rc2/layouts/bxjsbook.layout
>>>>> has no
>>>>> \DeclareXXClass line.
>>>>> Layout file /usr/local/share/lyx-2.3.0rc2/layouts/letter.layout
>>>>> has no
>>>>> \DeclareXXClass line.
>>>>> </cite>
>>>> I see these also. We should figure this out, but it's good to know it
>>>> doesn't cause any problem.
>> It very much would cause a problem in certain cases, namely, if you use
>> --without-latex-config, or if there's some later problem with
>> chkconfig.ltx. Then textclass.lst is empty.
>>> git bisect suggests 731c9fb4 caused the change.
>> I put in some debugging code, and the regex simply isn't matching the
>> lines of the file the way it is supposed to. Ever.
>> The attached patch fixes it for me. It looks like one of those weird
>> double-escaping problems. I'm not sure why the switch to binary strings
>> would cause this, but apparently it does.
> I patched lyx-2.3.0rc2 with it, and same behavior.
> In the preceding mail, I stated that I did not see anymore the 'no
> \DeclareXXClass line' messages when I launched lyx-2.3.0.rc2 again.
> In fact, to trigger again the messages, I have to remove ~/.lyx-2.3.0rc2.

You can just remove textclass.lst. Alternatively, run configure.py
manually with
and then inspect textclass.lst. If it's empty, that's a problem. If it's
not, we're good.

> If I do this and patch (no recompilation required, right?), I still
> get the messages. 

You don't need to recompile, but you would need to re-run "make
install". Otherwise,
the old configure.py is still being used from /usr/local/share/lyx/ or


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