On Sat, Oct 28, 2017 at 12:47:29AM +0000, Zhexuan Gong wrote:
> Dear Lyx developers,
> I'm not sure if any of you are aware of this bug. I'm using the latest
> 2.2.3 Lyx on Mac. And whenever Lyx is in macOS' native full screen mode
> (using the green button on the title bar, not the View->Full Screen), the
> document tab row will disappear mysteriously whenever a new document is
> created or the current tab is closed. This is annoying since one cannot
> switch between tabs any more. The problem will persist even if one exit the
> full screen mode. The only way to make the tab row reappear is to first
> exit the full screen mode, then enter the full screen mode using View->Full
> Screen, and then do View->Full Screen again (uncheck).
> To me, this bug has to do with the fact that there are two full screen
> modes. The native one by clicking the full screen icon at the title bar
> will not hide the toolbars nor the tab bar, but the full screen mode via
> the View menu will hide everything except the document itself. The bug
> yields a messed-up situation where all the tool bars are showing, but the
> document tab bar is hidden, which belongs to neither of the two full screen
> modes.
> P. S. I'm not talking about the Tab Bar under the View menu that is
> introduced by macOS Sierra. I'm talking about the tabs enabled in
> Preferences->Document Handling.
> Can anyone look into this?

Do you still see this with 2.3.0rc2? If please file a bug report at


and put the keyword "os=macosx". This way we will not forget about it.



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