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On Sat, Feb 10, 2018 at 04:28:49AM +0000, Scott Kostyshak wrote:

Whatever Enrico and JMarc decide regarding this for 2.3.0 is fine for

Enrico, JMarc proposed [1] the following:

   I propose to keep the faulty superscript for now and take some time to
   determine a satisfactory solution.

Does that seem reasonable to you (for 2.3.0)?

FYI, my next step is to try to understand commit 03a4b8c93281 from Guillaume.

In particular understand why the kerning is always non-negative
        int mathed_char_kerning(FontInfo const & font, char_type c)
                frontend::FontMetrics const & fm = theFontMetrics(font);
                return max(0, fm.rbearing(c) - fm.width(c));
but still, there are computations like
        min(nker(mi.base.bv), 0)
where nker( is a kerning computed as above.

The fact that Rule 17 from the TeXbook is a pain to read does not help :)


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