Am 13.02.2018 um 00:19 schrieb Scott Kostyshak:

I agree that the 2.3. branch is stable I used it recently for a larger
document. The strange, random Win-only crash is annoying but we cannot do
much right now.

Just to make sure, the crash you're talking about also exists for 2.2.x,

Yes, but there the bug appears less often. This is of course just a feeling since it is a random crash. However, it only appears when working with documents containing Latin and non-Latin content. For pure e.g. Cyrillic content it does not occur. So only people like me might see it, not the average user.

I don't see the advantage of doing this at a major version. Even if
there is an advantage, I don't think that so soon before the final
release is the right time for this non-trivial patch. From what I
understand, this temporary file name stuff is tricky. I know you've
tested the patch and it works for you, but I'm worried there could be
hidden problems.

In my opinion a major version should contain all major bugfixes. Here we have a menu entry for a feature that doesn't work. This is no good advertisement for LyX. We have a working fix that is well tested on Windows. If we know that it works also well on MacOS I think it is safe. Jürgen, please correct me if I am wrong.

regards Uwe

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