On Mon, Feb 12, 2018 at 3:20 AM, Jean-Marc Lasgouttes <lasgout...@lyx.org>

> Le 10/02/2018 à 20:28, Joel Kulesza a écrit :
>> The only comment I have is that a crash may be causable if the preference
>> is ignored rather than disabled (see https://www.mail-archive.com/l
>> yx-de...@lists.lyx.org/msg203649.html).  Disabling the checkbox removes
>> the ability to reproduce.
>> Otherwise, I have no comment on stability concerns.
> Hello Joel,
> My approach is to remove the UI element and do as if the feature was
> always disabled. Could you confirm that the patch I sent is OK? In
> particular in a setting whzere you have the feature enabled.


I applied your patch to master@5f1b32f8c (note: it didn't apply cleanly,
see below my signature).  Regardless, it hid the checkbox and associated
label properly and the LyX interface behaved as though the setting is
disabled (i.e., math was rendered properly).  I also inserted the line
enabling the preference in my .../preferences file, and that did not appear
to cause a problem.

>From my standpoint, this patch works as intended.



8935 jkulesza@tempest[~/GIT/lyx]> g apply
error: patch failed: lib/RELEASE-NOTES:20
error: lib/RELEASE-NOTES: patch does not apply
error: patch failed: src/frontends/qt4/GuiPainter.cpp:50
error: src/frontends/qt4/GuiPainter.cpp: patch does not apply


8937 jkulesza@tempest[~/GIT/lyx]> g apply --reject
Checking patch lib/RELEASE-NOTES...
error: while searching for:
  See chapter "Dashes and Line Breaks" of the User Guide and
  "Caveats when upgrading from earlier versions to 2.3.x" below.

* The following UI translations were dropped, because the lack of
  maintenance:  Russian, Danish, Greek, Serbian, Galician, Catalan,

error: patch failed: lib/RELEASE-NOTES:20
error: while searching for:
* \screen_zoom
  This is now independent of the value set via buffer-zoom[-in|-out].

!!!The following new LyX functions have been introduced in 2.3:

error: patch failed: lib/RELEASE-NOTES:87
Checking patch lib/doc/UserGuide.lyx...
Checking patch src/frontends/qt4/GuiPainter.cpp...
error: while searching for:

GuiPainter::GuiPainter(QPaintDevice * device, double pixel_ratio)
: QPainter(device), Painter(pixel_ratio),
  use_pixmap_cache_(lyxrc.use_pixmap_cache && USE_PIXMAP_CACHE)
// new QPainter has default QPen:
current_color_ = guiApp->colorCache().get(Color_black);

error: patch failed: src/frontends/qt4/GuiPainter.cpp:50
Checking patch src/frontends/qt4/GuiPrefs.cpp...
Applying patch lib/RELEASE-NOTES with 2 rejects...
Rejected hunk #1.
Rejected hunk #2.
Applied patch lib/doc/UserGuide.lyx cleanly.
Applying patch src/frontends/qt4/GuiPainter.cpp with 1 reject...
Rejected hunk #1.
Applied patch src/frontends/qt4/GuiPrefs.cpp cleanly.

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