On 2018-01-22, Kornel Benko wrote:

> I expanded the lyx2lyx test so, the an error is emitted at 10th
> repeated run to export lyx16x.

> If two consecutive created lyx-files are identical, the test stops
> without error. if a created lyx-file is not loadable, test stops with
> error.

We found and fixed some problems with the new test.
However, there are still problems that go undetected:

* We currently do not test, whether a backported file can be opened by the
  target LyX version. This means that instances of new constructs not
  handled by lyx2lyx go undetected. (An example are "baseskip%" lengths in
  box insets.)

  Is there a chance, to test the lyx2lyx output with LyX 2.2, 2.1 and maybe
  even 1.6?

* LyX does accept some variability in the input files and normalizes them on
  output. Examples are newlines or the order of settings in the document

  - Do we want lyx2lyx to produce output that is unchanged when opened and
    saved by the target LyX version?
    What is the price we are willing to pay for this in terms of
    - added complexity of the lyx2lyx functions
    - ly2lyx run time


    * Reverting Quote insets to literal quotes adds newlines (or rather does
      not remove them).

    * The Developers guide says we should add new settings in lyx2lyx but
      this can also be taken care of by LyX itself: a missing setting is just
      set to the default value already.
    * Sorting the settings to the place where LyX will save them can be done
      in lyx2lyx but makes the conversion take longer and the lyx2lyx script
      have 2 more lines. It is not necessary, though (or am I missing
      something here)?

* Sometimes, the back-converted file will load in LyX but fail to compile
  due to errors in the generated LaTeX. Could we also test this?

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