On 02/14/2018 01:09 PM, Pavel Sanda wrote:
> Richard Heck wrote:
>>> can we merge the painting branch into 2.3.1 staging?
>>> I'm inclusively working on master without larger issues for quite some time
>>> now. That does not say anything about mac/win arch, but the sooner we start
>>> testing the better.
>> I'd be happy to have it in 2.3.2-staging. At this point, 2.3.1 is
>> reserved for emergencies, more or less.
> If you plan to wait for couple months with 2.3.1 release as stated then 
> I'm afraid I'm lost why to introduce this 2.3.1 vs 2.3.2 bifurcation, but
> whatever leads to paintbranch merge is good for me.

We don't really know how long 2.3.1 will be. There have been times in
the past did a release within a month. If we don't need to do anything
super-fast, then I'll just merge 2.3.2-staging into 2.3.1-staging.


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