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> On 12 Feb 2018, at 21:29, Pavel Sanda <sa...@lyx.org> wrote:
> I??aki Larra??aga Murgoitio wrote:
>> Hi Jürgen, and LyX devel team,
>> Basque translation updated at %100 as requested :-)
> Not so fast! :)
> There is one more check we need from you - I just committed changes
> to lib/layouttranslations (output of some strings to pdf)
> (https://www.lyx.org/trac/changeset/2554a7dffb2890f4b851c60c41cfee116c56baf6/lyxgit)
> Please can check whether eu section of this file whether your new changes
> and also couple new strings(*) is as expected for pdf output?
> Pavel
> (*):
> "Property"
> "Solution"
> "Listing"
> "Listings"
> "List of Listings"
> "see equation[[nomencl]]"
> "page[[nomencl]]"

Are those new messages into PO file? Anyway, let me translate them to basque 
for you: (english : basque)

I need some context for ‘property’ term, does it refer to something’s owner?

        Property : Jabetza

other way it should translate as:

        Property : Propietatea

Solution : Emaitza


Which is it context? 

If it’s a verb, then
        Listing : Zerrendatzea

if a noun, it could be a entry for list

        Listing : Sarrera

If it is a synonym for list, then
        Listing : Zerrenda


Hmmmm…. is this a plural for list entries?

        Listings :  Sarrerak


If next means list of entries:
        List of Listings : Sarreren zerrenda

Otherwise, for list of lists:

        List of Listings : Zerrenden zerrenda


         see equation[[nomencl]] : ikus ekuazioa[[nomenklatura]]

As you can find at eu.po, basque translations contains [[xxxxxxxx]] translated 
too. What is [[xxxxxxx]] for?


        page[[nomencl]]  :  orrialdea[[nomenklatura]]


Can you escalate them to proper file? ;-)

Thanks and best regards,


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