Am Mittwoch, 14. Februar 2018 17:26:47 CET schrieb Guenter Milde 
> On 2018-01-22, Kornel Benko wrote:
> > I expanded the lyx2lyx test so, the an error is emitted at 10th
> > repeated run to export lyx16x.
> > 
> > If two consecutive created lyx-files are identical, the test stops
> > without error. if a created lyx-file is not loadable, test stops with
> > error.
> We found and fixed some problems with the new test.
> However, there are still problems that go undetected:
> * We currently do not test, whether a backported file can be opened by the
>   target LyX version. This means that instances of new constructs not
>   handled by lyx2lyx go undetected. (An example are "baseskip%" lengths in
>   box insets.)
>   Is there a chance, to test the lyx2lyx output with LyX 2.2, 2.1 and maybe
>   even 1.6?

I don't think so. Remember, we only test with executables just created.

> * LyX does accept some variability in the input files and normalizes them on
> output. Examples are newlines or the order of settings in the document
> header.
>   - Do we want lyx2lyx to produce output that is unchanged when opened and
>     saved by the target LyX version?
>     What is the price we are willing to pay for this in terms of
>     - added complexity of the lyx2lyx functions
>     - ly2lyx run time

Good question.

>   Examples:
>     * Reverting Quote insets to literal quotes adds newlines (or rather does
> not remove them).
>     * The Developers guide says we should add new settings in lyx2lyx but
>       this can also be taken care of by LyX itself: a missing setting is
> just set to the default value already.
>     * Sorting the settings to the place where LyX will save them can be done
> in lyx2lyx but makes the conversion take longer and the lyx2lyx script have
> 2 more lines. It is not necessary, though (or am I missing something here)?
> * Sometimes, the back-converted file will load in LyX but fail to compile
>   due to errors in the generated LaTeX. Could we also test this?
> G√ľnter

Should be doable. Something like export to pdflatex as a last step in the 


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