Updating TexLive solved the issue. Thanks everyone. 

    On Monday, 19 February 2018, 10:05, Sam Lewis 
<> wrote:

 Hi Jean-Pierre,
Thanks for this. I'm using Debian Stretch's own distribution of TexLive which 
is basically a snapshot from 2017-01-23.
The problem occurs with the follow pdf outputs in LyX: LuaTex, ps2pdf, 
pdflatex.Everything works as expected with XeTex in LyX.
I suspect the problem is NOT in LyX because, exporting Tex formats from LyX and 
then compiling directly, produces to the same results.

 I might have to move over to a direct TexLive installation. I wish we would 
have a proper flatpak ( bundle of LyX+TexLive-full for all 
Linux users.
I'll report back if I have some success here.

    On Saturday, 17 February 2018, 5:07, Jean-Pierre Chrétien 
<> wrote:

 Le 16/02/2018 à 13:14, Jean-Pierre Chrétien a écrit :
> Le 16/02/2018 à 10:29, Sam Lewis a écrit :

>> In a beamer frame, two boxes (minipages, drop shadow) are place in columns 
>> next to each other. Everything works fine, except in the first frame one of 
>> the boxes including text is always red.
> The box is OK here (lyx-2.3.0rc2, Debian Stretch, TeXLive 2017).
> I'm updating TeXLive (beamer has changed), I'll test again when it is over 
> (528 
> files to update).

Same beahviour with updated TeXLive, the color of the X box is OK.
What could we check next? the exported .tex file? Attached.




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