Am 19.02.2018 um 03:07 schrieb Scott Kostyshak:

I've found the Hungarian translator, and sent him an email to a
different email address. If he is still interested in doing
translations, I will updated his email address. But what if he is no
longer interested?

Alex quit LyX when he became a father due to lack of time. Maybe he has now time again. Let's see.

I cannot find a new email address for Zoran T. Filipović (the former
Serbian translator),

The last time I got a mail from him from

and I cannot find a new email address for Ramon
Flores (the name is common which makes searching difficult).

The last time I contacted him under unfortunately this address is dead since 5 years.

For the case of the Galician translation, there is an entry for
"Language-Team" which has as value "". Should we email that
address to see if someone else is interested in helping with

This is a good idea.

regards Uwe

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