This is what we got from the poll on users list when it comes to the download 
Unfortunately the results do not include regions which I was mostly interested 
and where I saw complaints about the speed.

US(CA); 1.88MB/s;  academic network;    M: UCSD(89.4MB/s), PL(6.83M/s), 
SA(8.85M/s), GR (6.36M/s)
US(OR); 808KB/s;   local ISP;           M: UCSD(2MB/s)
US(FL); 1.33MB/s;  residential LAN;
US(TX); 20-100KB/s; hotel wifi;         M: UCSD(2.89MB/s), SA(1.42MB/s)(!), 
US(MI); 1.14MB/s;  residential cable;   M: UCSD(11.6MB/s)
US(NM); 7.23MB/s;  business network;    M: UCSD(23.8MB/s)
US(NM): 90 KB/s;   residential ISP;     M: UCSD(9.5MB/s)
Ca(Qe): 242 KB/s;  academic network;    M: UCSD(393 KB/s)
NZ(Du); 800 kB/s;  fibre network;       M: UCSD(1.4 MB/s), PL(650 kB/s), SA(540 
kB/s), GR(780 kB/s)
Tr;     2-3MB/s;   Turknet, local ISP;
EU(Cz); 44.6MB/s;  academic network;    M: UCSD(16.3MB/s), PL(25.5MB/s), 
SA(14.3MB/s), GR(12.0MB/s)
EU(Pt); 40.8MB/s;  academic network;
EU(Pt); 4.26MB/s;  local ISP;
EU(De); 414KB/s;   local ISP;
EU(De); 495KB/s;   Home-WLAN;           M: UCSD(2,86 MB/s)
Eu(De); 929 KB/s;  Office LAN;          M: UCSD((6,40 MB/s))

I'd say we don't have serious problems in EU/US, but I came up with
neat solution for ppl suffering with connectivity problems - we could
publish torrents for two large files we currently distribute: win bundle
install & mac .dmg. Other are small enough to make it even on small
ftp speeds.

>From our side only one change in release process is needed - 
creating torrent and putting on ftp next to other binaries (and .sig
file for security purpose). And perhaps one section in on Download
page, I'll take care of this one.

Richard(/Scott?) would it be doable for you to just add this one step
on top of what you currently do while releasing?

I plan to commit the script for torrent creation, which has only
one small dependency - mktorrent - which is available in most


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