On Fri, Feb 23, 2018 at 02:59:02AM +0000, Scott Kostyshak wrote:
> commit 88f4cb4999fee051bd2a3afe38e33376b44687be
> Author: Scott Kostyshak <skost...@lyx.org>
> Date:   Thu Feb 22 21:46:58 2018 -0500
>     Update ANNOUNCE for 2.3.0
> ---
>  ANNOUNCE |   28 +++++++++++++---------------
>  1 files changed, 13 insertions(+), 15 deletions(-)
> diff --git a/ANNOUNCE b/ANNOUNCE
> index 90578c3..d285467 100644
> --- a/ANNOUNCE
> +++ b/ANNOUNCE
> @@ -1,23 +1,21 @@
> -Public release of LyX version 2.3.0rc2
> +Public release of LyX version 2.3.0
>  ========================================
> -We are proud to announce the second public release candidate of the new LyX 
> 2.3
> -series. This pre-release is meant for testing and should not be used for
> -serious work. For curious users who would like to test in order to help catch
> -bugs before the 2.3.0 release, please back up all of your documents and be
> -prepared for the worst to happen. Most users (who desire a stable LyX 
> version)
> -should not use this pre-release.
> +We are proud to announce the release of LyX 2.3.0.
> -The 2.3 series has a rich set of new features compared to the current stable
> -series. An overview of the new features can be found here:
> +With this release, LyX celebrates 22 years of existence. The 2.3 series

How many years of existence are we celebrating? According to this
message [1], we can interpret the birthdate of LyX as being in
September, 1995. According to here [2], it seems like 2 September is a
reasonable date to use.

This gives us:

d1=$(date -d "now" +%s)
d2=$(date -d "1995-09-2" +%s)
echo $(( (d1 - d2) / 31536000 )) years
echo "(${d1} - ${d2}) / 31536000" | bc -l

which gives 22.49 years. I suppose we cannot "celebrate 23 years" anyway
until > 23.00 years so even if it were 22.8 we might still go with "22

> +has a rich set of new features compared to the current stable series.
> +LyX 2.3.0 is the culmination of two years of hard work. An overview

Is it OK to put "two years"? 2.2.0 was released on May 23. However, work
on features that ended up in 2.3.0 was begun before 2.2.0 was released.
For this release, I think two years feels about right. It would be nice
to have a rule of thumb for the future. I propose the time since the
previous major release was branched. So for 2.4.0, it will be the date
of that release minus the date of the following commit:
$(git merge-base 2.3.x master)

> +of the new features can be found here:
>    https://wiki.lyx.org/LyX/NewInLyX23
> -You can download LyX 2.3.0rc2 from ftp://ftp.lyx.org/pub/lyx/devel/.
> -In case the primary ftp server (based in France) is down or too slow you
> -can try one of our mirrors listed at https://www.lyx.org/Download#toc11.
> +You can download LyX 2.3.0 from https://www.lyx.org/Download/.
> -We appreciate your help in testing this pre-release!
> +For Windows users, if you installed a pre-release of LyX 2.3.0, you
> +should uninstall that version before installing this newer release.

Uwe, I included the same note that we did for 2.2.0, mentioning that if you
installed a pre-release, you should uninstall those versions. Is this
still the correct note?

> +
> +We hope you will enjoy the result!
>  If a file from an earlier version of LyX is opened *and saved* with
>  any version of 2.3.x, then the original file will automatically be
> @@ -27,7 +25,7 @@ the original file, if no backup directory is set. The 
> filename of the
>  backup file will be:
>      ORIGNAME-lyxformat-NUM.lyx~
>  where NUM is the LyX format number of the original file. In the case of
> -2.2.x file, this will be 508, but in the case of older files it will be
> +a 2.2.x file, this will be 508, but in the case of older files it will be
>  different.
>  The file lib/RELEASE-NOTES lists some known issues and problems compared
> @@ -35,7 +33,7 @@ to the current stable releases (LyX 2.2.x). We strongly 
> recommend that
>  packagers of LyX on various platforms and distributions read this file.
>  As with any major release, this one comes with a lot of new features but
> -also some bugs. If you think you have found a bug in LyX 2.3.0rc2, either
> +also some bugs. If you think you have found a bug in LyX 2.3.0, either
>  email the LyX developers' mailing list (lyx-devel at lists.lyx.org),
>  or open a bug report at https://www.lyx.org/trac/wiki/BugTrackerHome .

Pavel, you added a space in-between a URL and a period at ca7aae8d, but you did
not add a space for the others. Should we add a space for the others as well?

>  Please specify if the behavior you are reporting is different from behavior




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