On Friday, 23 February 2018 03.34.52 WET Joel Kulesza wrote:
> Minor wording question here and on the website: is "down" potentially
> confusing for a non-native English speaker?  Would "unavailable" be more
> clear?

In the case of (European) Portuguese the equivalent of down is the word that we 
for those cases so it is not confusing. :-)

OTHO I agree that "unavailable" is more correct since the problems come because 
server is unavailable even if it is not down (e.g. a problem with the local 
network, ...).

Now personally I understand the idea of down in a physical sense, when we 
shutdown a 
server the fans stop and it really seems as if a plane just landed. ;-)

PS: Sorry for wasting everyone a few seconds reading this message. :-)

José Abílio

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