Le 12/01/2018 à 23:28, Scott Kostyshak a écrit :
I don't imagine any user actually does this, but if I select all and do
ctrl+m, LyX often has problems (e.g. my RAM goes from 1GB to my max of
8GB). I've found this with Embedded Objects and with User Guide.

Yes, I can imagine that the result is pretty bad.

If I do the above with LyX 2.1.0, there are no memory problems. Instead,
LyX just replaces everything with "\invalidmathmacro".

I would say that it is just by chance, maybe because there is some \newcommand in the text.

I'm not sure what the desired behavior is. Perhaps if the selection
contains insets of a certain type (e.g. a float), the LFUN should just
abort with a relevant message in the message pain. Any other ideas on
what the desired behavior is?

What refusing to do something if the selection is longer than, say, 50 paragraphs? We could count characters too, of course, but do we want to transform a full document to a docstring just to be able to decide that it is too long?


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